Recommended Resources For Introverts

Introvert Retreat
A website celebrating and exploring what it means to be ann introvert.  Has an excellent Q & A section about introversion, and it also explains what it means (and does not mean) to be an introvert.

Introvert Zone
This website contains many articles about introversion and is a helpful site to explore.

Susan Cain’s Quiet Revolution Website
This new site is packed full of articles about living as an introvert.  With sections on kids and parenting, work and life, there is relevant information for many aspects of life.  Examples of these articles are  – Three Tips for Overcoming Fraud Syndrome. and Introducing the Social Introvert –  expanding the view of introverts.  If you are unfamiliar with Susan Cain, she is the author of the book, Quiet.

TED Talk: Susan Cain on The Power of Introverts
This is a video link to Susan Cain’s infamous TED Talk.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth the 20 minutes to watch it in its entirety.

Ten Myths About Introverts
This is a blog post that has a wonderful list of myths to check out.  You might want to print it for those in your life who may not understand what introversion means.