No Claim No Gain

 CLAIM: To assert and demand the recognition of
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When you acknowledge your progress, you feel successful and gain a sense of confidence. But too often, this recognition is fleeting …or was never there in the first place!  Headway is disregarded, minimized or forgotten.

Just as you would claim lottery winnings or make use of your gym membership (hopefully!) – this concept applies to personal progress as well.  Why make the effort if you are going to ignore the results?

Yet that is exactly what people do over and over again.

Consider minimizing comments like: “It was nothing,” “Anyone could have done it,” or, “It’s just a drop in the bucket.”  While these comments may not seem significant, they reflect to the world – and to yourself – that your efforts are trivial.

What sorts of things do people avoid giving themselves credit for?

  • Their time and effort
  • Healthy choices
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Making conscious shifts in attitude
  • Well thought-out decisions
  • Establishing new habits
  • Taking action
  • Kindness
  • Adhering to personal values

By focusing on your progress instead of your struggles, you invite further progress. Claiming the changes you make – whether they’re shifts in attitude, fresh perspectives, new habits or tangible actions – helps you take ownership and reinforce the changes.

CLAIM YOUR GAINS! Look for them, declare them, post them, practice them and make them you own!

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If you want more ideas on HOW TO Claim your Gains, read on….

Identify the changes you’re working towards. Having clear intentions moves the process along.   It can be hard to notice changes if you’re uncertain what you’re shooting for.

Pick a time to reflect. Be sure to notice all the small or significant headway you make every day. To get in that habit, pick a regular time, such as the minute you get into bed, or in the morning as you first sit down at your desk.

Track your progress by writing it down. Make this quick and simple. Decide where to record your list (perhaps a smartphone, word document or designated notebook.) Be sure to include efforts as well as end results.

Catch your tendency to minimize your accomplishments. Replace these belittling thoughts with inspiring statements such as, “I’m becoming who I want to be with each small step.”

Talk about it! One of the best ways to upgrade your self-concept is to share your success with others. Describing the changes you’ve made helps to clarify and reinforce them.

Lastly, review your list of successes on the first day of every month. This practice helps to remind you of all your accomplishments and might remind you of a past effort you want to resume.