Life Coaching Information

Whether you know what you want in life or not, coaching is a modality to explore, uncover desires, and develop a path forward.  It’s a meaningful, thought-provoking process that can help you create a more joyous life. (For more about coaching, go to this link.)

Life Coaching helps you:

  • Discover what’s most important in your life
  • Prioritize your desires
  • Determine steps and strategies that make sense
  • Navigate hurdles
  • Shed previous self-perceptions & see yourself in a new light
  • Boost your confidence
  • Feel supported along the way
  • Recognize and integrate your successes!

Coaching is best for those who are looking to add more meaning, conviction or gratification to their lives. With these themes in mind, consider whether any of these thoughts sound familiar:

More Meaning

“My life’s plugging along but something’s missing”

“I have a nagging sense that I’m wasting my potential”

“I need a greater sense of purpose & meaning”

“My heart and my head speak different languages”

More Conviction

“I’ve been thinking about making changes forever, but I never getting around to making them”

“I want to turn things around and make something good happen”

“My fears take over and I’m ready to move past them”

More Gratification

“I feel like there’s not much ‘juice’ in my life anymore”

“Why am I waiting to have more fun and pleasure?”

“I want to wake up and be excited about my day!”


Ready to Focus?

As opposed to business or sports coaching, “life” coaching is an inclusive category that allows you to focus on you life as a whole.  The emphasis can be on your personal life, work life or both.  As a Professional Certified Coach, I bring the experience, training and skills to help you find and build on your natural strengths and talents.

My clients include working professionals, adults in transition, entrepreneurs, and newly retired individuals.  Most are ready for personal growth, self-initiated action and accountability.

Areas of focus include (but are not limited to):  Health and wellness, self-confidence, assertiveness, perfectionism, career issues, relationships and family life, transitions, major life decisions, exploration of life meaning & satisfaction and life balance.