About Coaching Services

Most people come to a coach with a specific purpose or issue in mind.  It’s a place to focus on your life, your hurdles and your plans for the future.  It’s also a time to re-connect with your best, most authentic self, whom many of us have lost touch with!  And I want to say that it’s not all about the future; even if things are missing in your life, you can make changes right now by learning to be more present.

So often obligations, financial constraints, looping negative thoughts or fears prevent us from pursuing or even knowing what we want.  One of the most powerful parts of the coaching is getting back in touch with what excites you and letting that guide your actions.

The International Coaching Federation defines coaching in this way:

“Coaching is an on-going partnership that helps clients produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives.  Through the process of coaching, clients deepen their learning, improve their performance, and enhance their quality of life.”

What Coaching Offers

  • An opportunity to focus on you and your agenda
  • A  space to examine the gap between where you are now and where you want to be
  • Acknowledgment and validation of what you experience
  • Compelling questions to help you examine your current situation with fresh eyes
  • Feedback and reflection to uncover what’s getting in the way
  • A partner to help you develop new effective approaches
  • The tools to reinvent your life in alignment with your values
  • On-going support to help you reach your goals and overcome the inevitable challenges that arise
  • The help you need to achieve a more full and satisfying life

Types of Issues People Bring to Coaching

As a life coach, I work with adults on many issues, and the focus is always on what the client chooses.  Often I work with people who want to bring greater meaning, balance and satisfaction to their lives.  Sometimes a client will have a specific agenda, such as decreasing procrastination on a project, addressing unwanted habits, improving health, or dealing with life changes.  I have a special area of interest working with those who consider themselves to be introverted, and more can be found about that here.  Please contact me to discuss your particular needs and goals.

I am also a trained ADHD coach who works with adults formally diagnosed with ADHD, as well as those who suspect they may have it.  People seek ADHD coaching for a variety of reasons ranging from difficulty making decisions to extreme disorganization. College students work with ADHD coached to stay on track and remain organized. Parents benefit from support and assistance in maintaining balance and learning to take care of their needs.  I also work with the partners/spouses of those with ADHD who often have few people who understand their experience, and are under enormous stress.

A coach is an important source of support in  learning to understand ADHD and in making necessary changes.  To find out more about each of the typed of coaching mentioned, please go to services and scroll down to the appropriate tab.

Coaching by Phone – Why it Works

I work with people over the phone or by Skype.  It offers:

  • Greater convenience
  • More efficient use of your time
  • An increased ability (for some) to really tune into themselves
  • No travel or parking expenses
  • More flexibility in scheduling

Coaching Structure

I meet with clients for 50-55 minutes per session.  Many people ask how often they should meet with me, which is hard to answer. While progress occurs with coaching of any frequency, results come about more quickly with more frequent sessions.  There’s simply more time to address your life and what’s blocking you.  However, if you do not have the time, budget, or focus to meet that often, the most important factor is being engaged and committed to the process.  I work with clients one, two, or three time per month. However, for new clients, I don’t recommend meeting just once a month as it is less effective.

Small Group Coaching 

I now offer small group coaching for two to three individuals at a time.  In order to do so, I need you to come to me as a group.  Consider friends or co-workers with whom you feel open and comfortable enough to work on personal goals.  My intention is to offer the structure, follow-up and support to help each group member attain a specific goal and enjoy the process.

These groups will be six consecutive weeks in duration (with some flexibility to accommodate schedules) – with ONE goal per person.   Here are the specifics:

  •  We will focus on achieving your goal by the end of the six weeks. (I will help you specify your goal, build your confidence, map out a plan, check on your progress, address obstacles, shift your perspective and keep you moving towards your goal.)
  • A coaching group will be held once per week via a teleconference call.
  • Written exercises will be provided prior to each call to help us use our time efficiently, stay on task and make headway with your goal.  (Don’t worry, I will keep the written work short and easy to complete.)
  • I will work with you to accommodate your preferred scheduling.
  • To keep you motivated and accountable, included are regular email correspondences in which you can report your progress and receive my feedback.

Note:  For those who want to be part of a group but don’t have two others to suggest, let me know, and I will do my best to create a workable group.


Contact Information: (518) 461-6513      coach@susangesten.com