Coaching for Introverts

Have you followed advice from others that turned out to be ill-suited to your temperament?  Perhaps you’ve been told to make lots of connections at conferences, call people out of the blue or just go for it!   These approaches might work for someone who enjoys being socially outgoing, but if you consider yourself an introvert, they might just shut you down.

Consider whether you:

  • Are often overlooked in big groups
  • Worry that you don’t have the right personality to get ahead
  • Struggle to be recognized
  • Get flustered when put on the spot
  • Are full of ideas that never seem to get heard
  • Feel easily drained and overwhelmed
  • Are sick of feeling inauthentic and misunderstood

Working with a coach who takes your introverted nature into consideration will help you advance instead of giving up!  By focusing on strengths that you already have, and learning to choose approaches that feel doable, you create more energy and motivation.

My clients experience these exciting results:

  • Seeing themselves clearly and understanding their intrinsic qualities
  • Feeling well prepared for social interactions
  • New strategies for talking in meetings at work
  • Finding out what matters most to them
  • Letting go of unrealistic personal expectations
  • Improved self-image
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Clear solutions that align with their natural talents
  • Inner confidence
  • Renewed energy and enjoyment

Introvert Coaching Information:

I work with individuals on a variety of issues, always keeping the introverted perspective in mind.  My goal is to help you feel at peace with who you naturally are, and live with more ease.