Are Weekends Disappointing? much as we look forward to Saturday and Sunday, they can sometimes be a letdown.  With all the unstructured time, possibilities and decisions, weekends can be frustrating or even end in conflict.  With a little thought and attention, things can significantly improve!

We all have ideas for how to use our time.  On some occasions we simply want to relax and unwind, while other times we prefer to socialize and be out in the world.

Weekends can also be a a time to catch-up on errands and household tasks that accumulate during the week.  We place high expectations on these two precious days, and all that pressure doesn’t help.

 Five Suggestions for Improving Your Weekends:

  1. Take control and stop waiting for possibilities to appear.  Many people have a tendency to leave options open.  They want the freedom to be spontaneous and non-committal. Think about how often spontaneous opportunities really arise and consider whether this habit is worth the cost.
  2. Realize that plans are a good thing and can be a whole lot better than spending your weekend in limbo.  Planning and prioritizing don’t come easily to most with ADD.  Yet, there’s a new freedom that comes from having a few solid plans in place – with the decisions made you may find yourself feeling much more relaxed.
  3. Consider your own weekend needs before coordinating with your partner, friends or family. Your clarity helps everyone.  Some deal with indecision by letting others make all the plans. This type of arrangement works well for a handful of people, but in most cases it leads to resentment and unmet needs. Know what you want and negotiate from there.
  4. Identify special events or activities that you enjoy.  Weekends should include pleasure. Reflect on things that bring you joy and how you can integrate them. Peruse community calendars for upcoming events and make  some advance reservations. For those who really hate planning, consider joining a club that meets regularly.
  5. Experiment and compare. Plan a weekend and leave one wide open.  Learn which approach works better for you in terms of getting along with others, having a sense of accomplishment and feeling truly satisfied.

Enjoy your weekends!