Coaching for Parents

It’s an emotional roller coaster raising a child with ADHD. There’s the huge love and admiration, but poking its head right up alongside it, is the FEAR (no matter what age): Will my child be able to make it on his/her own?

You know their struggles better than anyone. Whether it’s the lost papers and sweatshirts – or having them take sooooo long to get ready to leave the house – it’s downright nerve-wracking!  It can sometimes feel like being engulfed in a cloud of chaos.

When you’re also managing feelings of disappointment, frustration or even anger, it’s common to reach the point of exasperation and to lash out. The worst part is the guilt and sadness that follows.  In fact, these emotions can absorb so much energy that many parents walk around exhausted – describing a sinking sense of uneasiness.

The best parenting advice I can give is to take care of yourself.  Your child needs your BEST self – not the annoyed, short-tempered version – but the loving, consistent peaceful version. Let me help you get there.

Coaching Offers Parents:

  • A place to express your feelings and concerns without judgment
  • Ways to be less reactive – by learning how & when to step back
  • Ideas on how to take ‘me’ time to unwind, have fun and take a break from parenting
  • Help in identifying routines and structures that will work for your family
  • Assertiveness skills to help get your needs met
  • Learning to prioritize what’s important for your family and what you can let go of
  • Insights into the ways that ADHD impacts your child
  • Help in choosing responsibilities for your children that are realistic and age-appropriate
  • Guidance in defining and becoming the role-model you want to be
  • Ideas on making vacations more pleasurable for everyone
  • A path to feeling more uplifted & clear about your parenting style

I do not consider myself a parenting expert, or a specialist in dealing with IEPs or 504 plans in the schools.  While familiar with these, the focus of my work with parents is on what I’ve described above.  If you want to start with yourself by getting support, examining some of your parenting concerns and gaining more clarity, I welcome the opportunity to work with you!

A Few Helpful Parenting Tips:

  • Learn to find the humor amongst the chaos – a house with laughter helps everyone
  • Aim to say ‘yes’ 3 times to every ‘no’ (without being overly permissive)
  • Talk with your kids in a more neutral tone – pretend they’re your neighbor’s kids!
  • Know that your child will get there… it just might take a little longer (kids with ADHD are sometimes 2-5 years developmentally behind their peers)
  • Watch for positive behaviors and point them out daily
  • Decide which standards are ‘musts’ and which you can let go of
  • Pick responsibilities carefully to allow for success instead of adding to your burden